You Need a Family Law Attorney Who Can Handle Every Aspect of Your Divorce.

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The needs of your family are always at the forefront of my legal services. Whether through litigation or mediation, I believe that reaching a fair, efficient solution with minimal negative impact to your family is of the utmost importance.

I handle a wide range of cases, from simple divorces and mediations, through complex multi-day trials dealign with complex financial issues. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Family Law.  Each client has a unique set of legal needs and expectations, and I try to tailor my approached based on the specic needs of my clients.


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Client Testimonials

I first met Mr. Lewis when I desperately needed help with an out-of-control divorce and custody situation. He was very attentive, thoroughly responsive, and absolutely compassionate as he helped me regain mental focus and legal control. Few attorneys practice their craft with the level of transparency and trust Mr. Lewis’ clients enjoy as a matter of routine.


My divorce was long, painful, and very expensive. The only good thing about it was working with Henry. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anybody in any field who was as competent, as effective, and as pleasant to deal with as he was. When I’d get upset, he’d listen for a while, then say just the right thing to get me focused again on what was important, which was the welfare of my children. When we’d run up against another of the barriers in my case, he’d find a way to handle it. And when we were finally forced to go to trial, we won on every single issue that the judge decided. A great attorney, an effective tactician, and a first-rate human being: I couldn’t ask for more. If you’re looking for a family law attorney, I unreservedly recommend Henry.