Whether you have just begun contemplating divorce or you are ready to file for divorce in the Alameda or Contra Costa Family Courts, Henry F. Lewis has the knowledge and experience to help. 

When you need the experience of a proven divorce attorney, contact us by email or call 510-451-4822 to schedule a consultation.

Versatility, sensitivity, and strength: a family law attorney requires all three. I recognize that everyone’s relationships and personal and business interests are different, and we want what’s best for you. If you retain my services, I will listen to you and tailor solutions to your unique needs.


The dissolution of a marriage can be amicable-or it can be contested. Part of my job is to avoid unnecessary conflict between spouses whenever possible, but I wouldn’t be good at what I do if we weren’t prepared for every eventuality. Our colleagues in the Bay Area know that we will litigate if necessary, and will vigorously protect our client’s interests. Our tenacity allows clients to enter divorce negotiations from a position of strength.

We are prepared to help you arrive at a resolution of all the issues involved in your divorce, either through amicable negotiations or through a case in family court.

Prepared to Handle Your Divorce Case, No Matter How Complex

As a Family Law Specialist, I have focused on knowing the nuance of the law, and being able to apply it to all of my cases.  For complex cases, I partner with experts who can provide information and assistance with child custody evaluations, property valuation, complex deferred compesation issues, tracing issues, and business valuations. 

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